Discovering Tenerife

When one thinks about Tenerife the first things that usually comes to mind are the three S’s: sea, sun and sangria. However, if you take time to scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find an island filled with history, culture and adventure. Why visit Tenerife? Tenerife, with a land area of just over 2030 square kilometres, is the largest and most populous of the seven beautiful Canary Island. A mammoth five million tourists visit Tenerife every year and the reason why they do becomes Read more [...]

3 Reasons to love the Grand National

The Grand National is one of the biggest sporting events in the UK calendar. It captivates a nation, people who don't usually watch horse racing will be watching the race avidly to see if their horse will win. For many people it is the only time in the year that they will actually place a bet, even those that have never stepped inside a betting shop will find themselves in one for the Grand National 2014. I was raised watching the race year after year, it was only at around ten years old that I figured Read more [...]

How to Dress for Playing Football

Football (or soccer, in the United States), is a popular sport worldwide that players enjoy from amateur to professional levels. Whether you’re a recreational player who loves to kick the ball around on the weekends, or a seasoned player training for the next big match, chances are you spend at least a moment selecting your clothing for your games or practices. While you might need to wear different clothes depending on your level of play, you can generally follow these tips for wearing great football Read more [...]

Ski holidays with a luxurious twist

Winter holidays are often overlooked in favour of summer retreats to idyllic coastlines, but they can be a surprisingly rewarding adventure. Not only are ski vacations good for you (did you know you can burn thousands of calories in one session?), but you can get a tan and real sense of achievement from conquering the slopes. Not to mention out of this world scenery and great dining options. Besides, ski holidays are about so much more than just hitting the slopes. There's the apres-ski Read more [...]
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