The Significance of May the 1st

The first day of May is a significant day for many nations, and for all the workers of the world - it has been chosen as the International Workers' Day in the late 19th century, and it is a public holiday in the majority of the European and other Northern Hemisphere countries. But the day in itself has had its significance long before that: May Day is a traditional celebration since the pre-Christian times, marking the beginning of summer. The beginning of May was celebrated since the times of Read more [...]

Visiting the land of Celebrities

The folks of the States call this beautiful location the city of angels. If you ever get the urge to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, this is the place for you. The iconic Hollywood sign lingers over the city for all to see, as you shop the upscale locations on Hollywood Drive. When traveling in this beautiful city, the first attraction that should be seen is the historic Hollywood. There are places along the roadside for visitors to snap a picture of the iconic logo. Once in Hollywood shopping Read more [...]

The best things to do in Cheltenham this year

Cheltenham is a picturesque place to visit at anytime of year, it is nestled in the centre of the beautiful Cotswold. Personally I love to visit during the summer months because the sun is shining, it gives you a good opportunity to explore the magnificent gardens in the National Trust grounds. Usually my trips are made over a weekend, usually on a bank holiday weekend, so I have learnt how to make the best of my time there. With so much to see and so little time it i important for you to plan Read more [...]

The Best Winter Activities for 2014

No matter if we like it or not, winter is officially here. While the weather might not always look like it, we only have a few weeks left until Christmas, meaning that it's time to take our mind off the beaches and sands, and start thinking of activities that are not possible without the cold weather. Here are a few examples of winter outdoor activities that are so much fun. Ice skating Although some towns have summer skating rings, ice skating is an activity mostly practiced in winter. Start Read more [...]
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