7 Things To Do In Antarctica

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Perhaps it is hard to believe, but by reading this article you are taking the first steps to visiting this magnificent continent. You probably only ever thought of Antarctica when you had to do a school project on Antarctica, but you have taken the first steps to seeking real adventure. This article will talk about some of the amazing activities to consider on your next trip to Antarctica.

deception island

Enjoying the South Shetland Islands

These islands are naturally the first port of call when you take a cruise ship from Ushuaia and crossing the Drake Passage. These islands are very special in their own right and have a lot of historical, wildlife and natural scenery for you to enjoy.

penguin camera

Visit a penguin colony

There are so many types of penguins in Antarctica, such as Adelies and Emperors. These birds are extremely cute and good natured. You could literally sit for hours and watch penguins go about their daily business. My personal favourite was when some of the more curious penguins approached our group, it was something I won’t soon forget.


Kayaking is one of the ultimate activities, which will leave you wanting more and more. It truly isn’t like kayaking anywhere else in the world. Can you imagine weaving in between the tiny spaces between two icebergs or being up close and personal with leopard seals. For me kayaking is something I would go back to Antarctica again for!

Take a dip

Getting wet is all part of the fun and taking a plunge in the freezing water is something that will certainly put hairs on your chest. This is the ultimate story for all your friends to hear, maybe none of them will ever get the chance. So if you are keen jump in and “enjoy” the water for 1 or 2 seconds.


Very few people actually travel to Antarctica, and even fewer have physically slept on the continent itself. This is however possible and something that everyone should experience, there really won’t be an experience like this ever again in your life and you can be proud to do as the famous Antarctic explorers did.

Zodiac tours

A zodiac tour is a close second to kayaking when you want to get up close and personal with the Antarctic waters. These are rubber boats that have a guide and are usually offered by various cruise ships. This is the perfect place to interact and take photos of your favourite wildlife, also the feeling of seeing an iceberg up close is something that you will never ever forget.

Post a letter

Believe it or not, you can actually send post from Antarctica, in particular at Port Lockroy. Of course this will be extremely slow and can take a few months to actually arrive at its destination, but it is a great souvenir for anyone to enjoy.