How To Get The Best Hong Kong Private Tutors


One on One Learning

The most valuable type of tutors in Hong Kong 補習老師 香港 come in the from face to face contact. A tutor can assess your ability and direct your learning into the areas that require focus and attention. A teacher’s attention in the classroom may not be equally divided and they can fail to identify with each individual student. The class is often viewed as a collective and their performance as a group valued more highly than an individual’s performance. Therefore, as a student you may feel there is not always the attention available that you require. Having a private tutor means that this gap in education will be closed. If it is possible, have your tutor meet for sessions at your school or home, as travelling whilst concerned with exams and coursework can pile on unnecessary pressure.
Distance Learning

Time and location restrictions can result in difficulties in meeting with Hong Kong private tutors 香港 私人補習老師 . Long commutes and busy schedules can leave a panicking student stressed close to exam times and coursework deadlines. If you have an on-going relationship with a trusted tutor, a session over Skype may ease your concerns and clarify a confusing point. Your tutor will understand the pressure facing you with coursework requirements and leading up to exam periods. If you’re feeling overwhelmed they may be willing to communicate via text message, email or even telephone call, if you urgently need help.

Group Learning

If one on one learning is too intimidating, or the cost seems too high, group learning is a valuable alternative. Small groups or pairs, particularly for oral language sessions, are advantageous to young learners, or those on a tight budget. Your desired tutor could be in high demand and may not be available for you and your friends individually. A group session can be more fun and enjoyable within a group and a tutor may seem less demanding if there are others present to share the attention. Make use of one of Hong Kong’s Private tutors 香港 補習老師 renowned for achieving high results by studying in pairs or small groups.

How to benefit most from hiring a private tutor

Working with a private tutor is a very efficient method to supplement learning. Tutors will be respectful of the pace at which you learn, and will have patience to clarify a concept. However, it is your responsibility to inform your tutor if the information is confusing or the pace is too quick. Your tutor will understand and adjust the rate of study appropriately. Similarly, if you feel confident and that certain revision is simply wasting time, your tutor may skip over it, just cover the basics or suggest you do some revision alone. Prepare for each session with your tutor. Revise aspects covered in previous classes, and write out a list of questions you would like to focus on. Being prepared saves time and is the most productive use of the lesson. Be open and honest with tutors and parents that your sessions are directed as you require and goals are being met. Open and constant communication between tutor, student and parents is the most effective means of ensuring the child’s learning is progressing as needed.

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