Take Your Ice-Skating Online and Get Social With These Useful Ideas


Ice skating isn’t just a great way for you to stay fit during the cold (or hot) season, it’s also a great opportunity for you to stay social. If you’re a regular ice-skater or you’re just testing the waters, pardon the pun, here are some great ideas for you to mix fitness and staying social during your ice-skating season.


Share Your Success

Have you been training for months to nail that Bracket turn and last night you finally did it?! A great achievement and one that shouldn’t go unshared, but how many of your friends on your traditional social media sites will know what you’re talking about? Along with sharing this goal with your immediate friends, sign up for a dedicated ice-skating website and blog service where you can share your successes with like minded skaters. Having somebody who knows the struggle and the achievement of each Butterfly jump can really help your self esteem.


Go Mobile With Apps

If your life consists of ice-skating and your cell phone, why not mix them together? Search your app store for ice-skating apps that can help you improve your technique and give you advice on how you can get the most out of your skating. If your phone isn’t quite up to the task, check out Groupon Coupons for a reputable cell service like T-Mobile that can get you the device you need and start app-ing! Many of these services let you upload your training videos where professionals can provide you with advice, right on your phone!


Join the Club – Literally!

Just because it’s only you on the ice practicing your fan spirals doesn’t mean that there aren’t others like you you can learn from, and help to learn also. Look online for a local ice-skating club or speak with your local rink about any meetings they may hold for skaters just like you who are looking to meet fellow skaters. While there’s no doubt that skating on your own can be quite therapeutic, you might just find the right partner for that perfect death spiral.


Whether you skate for fun, looking to go pro or you are taking advantage of the general fitness that ice-skating can provide, keeping it social is a great way to stay motivated and improve your performance.