What Can You Do In Antarctica?



Perhaps you have never taken the time to think about Antarctica as a holiday destination, but you most certainly should. It is an absolutely incredible place that you must visit if you get the chance, I wrote this article to talk more about some of the incredible things that you can do there. So read on and enjoy my favourite things to do in Antarctica.

Take a swim

Believe it or not you can actually take a swim in Antarctic waters! It may not be the most pleasant experience in the entire world, but hey, how many friends can say that they have done this? You are also going to experience the coldest waters of your life, but have the ultimate bragging right to go with it. Be brave and take a dip, because you will never ever forget it.

Take a zodiac tour

This is one of my favourite things to do in Antarctica because you get to weave in and out of the ice and see things from sea level rather than being on your cruise ship the whole time. This allows you to access the continent itself and also to get up close and personal with the wildlife and the stunning ice formations, like icebergs. My hot tip for this is to take your binoculars and camera with you because you are going to see some amazing things on the way.

The South Shetland Islands

The South Shetland Islands are the first port of call after crossing the Drake Passage and these are a great way to experience a little bit of a taste of Antarctica. These islands naturally played a big part in the race to the South Pole, with many Antarctic explorers having some history here. The islands are very unique in their own right. You can find out a little bit more info about the South Shetland Islands.

Whale watching

This is something that really stuns me about Antarctica because there are very few places in the world where you can watch whales so freely in their own element. Whales here are not scared of ships and frolic around as much as they want. This is probably due to the isolation of Antarctica and their lack of fear that comes from this. The best time to watch whales is definitely in March when the ice has broken up, but this is a very short window that you must take advantage of before the winter comes again. You can find out more info about whale watching tips.

Visiting penguin colonies

Visiting penguin colonies is a great experience. These vary in size, but you can typically see a lot of penguins in each colony. Penguins are magnificent creatures that are playful curious and very intelligent. The best thing is that there are so many varieties, such as the huge emperor penguins, adelies and many more. February is a great time to do this because the newborn chicks come out for the first time after being born. There really isn’t anything better than experiencing the miracle of life.